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Put the "P" on a Pedestal.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The capabilities of a woman's body are remarkable. The ability of the female organs to bleed, elasticise, rejuvenate. Damn! That's cold. And then, the the ability to create, carry, nurture, give life to and feed another human being...sometimes multiple human beings at a time! The Godliness of it all! It's been said that all life began with a Black Woman, so in theory, the Black Woman is God. How extraordinary is that?

Insert story synopsis here:

Bloed Susters is a story about three women who make three different transitions into womanhood; Bee is a sweet young girl experiencing her period for the first time. Ty is a young adult with vigor and sass having sexual intercourse for the first time. Mo is a woman who is confident and self-accepting and giving birth for the first time.

This experimental narrative explores womanhood, sisterhood, and rebirth.

It is a celebration of the rites of passages of women, and the innate connection between women because of these rituals. Each story is an example of a life altering ascension

into womanhood and each of these phases benefit greatly

from support, sisterhood, and understanding.

Full circle:

Somewhere along the lines of writing this, I realized how important it was to put a woman, especially a Black Woman, on a pedestal. To celebrate how phenomenal she is just for existing. To take the capabilities of a woman that we've reduced to ordinary and focus on how extraordinary they are. Because...THEY ARE! This is the gift that is film. The power in it. And I'm happy to do my part. I'm thankful.


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