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Paying Homage

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

There are many rituals and traditions in the Black community. If you were to take a moment, you could probably come up with 3-5 easily. Why? Because they've been ingrained in us, not just through practice, but also through art. Whether the medium is paint, photography, film, or even music, we know about these practices.

With Bloed Susters, I wanted to tap into some Black traditions and rituals. One of my favorites is baptism, specifically in a lake or river. Aside from the religious connection, there's something very spiritual about baptism.

It's the process of rebirth, rejuvenation, refreshment, cleansing. And I believe, it's something that can be repeated as needed.

Another aspect of baptism that makes it so special is the community bond it forms. The ones that are there to assist, how they pray and support, nurture during that process. It's really beautiful.

I'm happy to add my interpretation of such a powerful ritual. I hope that it touches those who see it, that it inspires, that it heals. This is the power of art and filmmaking.


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