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Mid Year Check In

It's been 6 months since 2019 began, and a lot has happened in the world. In the midst of that, we all have our personal journeys to to lead. I'm no exception.

I set very clear goals for myself this year: finish the first draft of my first feature film, get through principal photography for my thesis film, complete unfinished film projects (save my dying babies from post-production abyss), and a few others that have come up along the way.

I wanted to be very intentional about what I chose to focus on this year. This year the overarching theme is quality over quantity. I want to make sure that I end 2019 with a handful of really strong COMPLETED works that accurately represents who I am as a filmmaker.

So far, I've completed one goal; my script. And damn, that was hard af! But the amazing thing about accomplishing such a difficult goal is that it gives you fuel to accomplish others.

I'm still honing my time management skills, but I make sure that I'm doing something to get closer to some goal I've set, everyday.


What are your 2019 goals? What methods are you employing to get those goals accomplished?

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