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It Starts With An Idea...

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Bloed Susters is exactly 4 weeks away from the first day of principal photography and it astounds me how far this film has come.

The idea for Bloed Susters came to me in July or August of 2018. It began simply as various images. Images and sounds; that were out of order and unrelated puzzle pieces from a very advanced puzzle. But as I continuously wrote down what I saw (and heard), collected photos that reminded me of what I saw (and heard), and spoke with others about what I saw (and heard), the puzzle pieces began coming together.

I made a point from the beginning to challenge myself by creating a piece that didn’t rely heavily on dialogue to tell the story (the film is dialogue free, with the exception of a nursery rhyme that I wrote). I challenged myself further by intentionally using sound, but not music, as an integral mechanism to tell the story. I pushed myself to incorporate symbolism and meaning in the script, so that every aspect of the storytelling process after that was anchored in a strong vision.

With 28 days before we roll camera, it feels good to reflect on where the process began. A seed in my mind is now well on its way to becoming a big, beautiful ass tree. I'm thankful.


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