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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I made a point to do things with Bloed Susters that I had never done with any other film. I changed my whole outlook on what it is to create a film, thinking beyond the film itself, and giving light to everything around it.

Thinking critically in this way made me more sensitive to the art I encountered, much of it through social media. I see all of the thought creatives put into curating their pages, their art pieces, their content. It is something that has allowed me to remain inspired. So much so, that I seek out more.

Watching the meticulousness of other artists is making me a better artist because I have the opportunity to learn from them and apply what I'm learning.

Now I know some people feel as though they don't want to become distracted or influenced by the work of others. What I say to that is, it's not about your voice as an artist being influenced because if you're clear about that, it will always be true and unique to you, however, allowing yourself to be inspired by others can help you find new ways to use your voice. More refined ways, more freeing ways, more fun ways, more focused ways.

So I say, be inspired. Enjoy the work of others. Support the work of others. Take what you can from it and add it to your own sauce.

This has been an enlightening part of my journey with this film. And I'm thankful.

(artwork by Leeza Joneé, @leezajonee)


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